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Welcome to CNFLICT: A Pathway to Better Negotiation,  Communication, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution

CNFLICT Services


Virtual Workshops

Cnflict offers a 2-day immersive, live virtual courses that teaches leaders better negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Students that attend this course will learn listening, persuasion, writing, and management skills to better resolve conflicts. In addition, students will develop a network of professional conflict resolvers.


Onsite Training & Workshops

Cnflict will work directly with your company to develop a customized workshop and training program to develop organizational leaders with better communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution skills.


Corporate Conflict Coaching

After conducting a comprehensive, onsite assessment, Cnflict Coaches develop and provide customized and comprehensive recommendations and action plans to address company conflict and skills development resulting in employee driven conflict resolution, better organizational productivity, and increased employee retention and job satisfaction.

Chess Pieces

Developing Leaders at Every Level of the Organization


  • Parties in conflict experience up to 20% lost productivity

  • Managers spend 40% of their time resolving conflicts

  • 85% of departing employees cite conflict as the reason for leaving 

  • 78% of people treated poorly at work have a decreased commitment to their jobs and company

Unlock Your Company's Potential with Cnflict's Professional Training or Conflict Coaching Services

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Cnflict's mission is help organizations and leaders achieve their goals by developing resilient conflict resolution skills and more effective negotiation strategies. Better communication and collaboration are the keys to success in any business.


Robert Goeller started Cnflict to develop leaders with better communication, collaboration, and conflict-resolution skills. Robert is an experienced conflict resolver and lawyer specializing in conflict resolution, negotiation, and mediation. With over 20 years of corporate experience, from start-up to Fortune 500, Robert has consistently driven transformational organizational change and built winning teams with effective communication and conflict resolution.


Robert has supplemented his business-related experience by continually learning skills and techniques from the top industry experts through Mattford Group’s Negotiating Solutions, Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation Master Class, and Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.

Robert holds an LLM in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University School of Law (’23), a J.D. from Willamette University College of Law (’15), a B.S. from Indiana University Kelley School of Business (‘00) and is an active member of the New York and Texas State Bars.


I was fortunate enough to attend one of CnFlict’s workshops (Conflict resolution, Communication, and Collaboration), led by Rob Goeller.  As a facilitator, Rob immediately developed a rapport with the workshop attendees, and the materials covered were relevant and timely to the everyone’s’ backgrounds.  Even more impressive was the way he seamlessly transitioned the group from one topic to the next.  Rob is quite skilled as a workshop leader, and I highly recommend his course offerings.  

Director, Global Corporate Real Estate

Bruce Kamph

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